Birds fascinate me.  Why?  I don’t know really but they do.  They leave me feeling inadequate and a waste of time.  Come on they can fly and pick up things in a fly-by, and if need be, poop on people.  Nice way to live in my opinion.  If I could fly (pun built in for extra points), the sky would be the limit.  I mean where could you not go, if you could fly?  No where, that is where. 

Anyways, the birds and I had an experience the other day.  It wasn’t like the experience I had as a five year old on the beach where a nice little pelican decided to leave a tasty treat on the top of my head, but it was an experience I will not likely forget. 

So here we go:  the context consists of a pre-graduation celebration at the beach with one of my best friends in Myrtle Beach, home of dance clubs, torn down joy rides known as the Pavilion, and many women wanting beads in exchange for some degrading things (who knew?).  So we were walking on the beach to reminisce our childhood and along we came to this break in the darkness, which was light in between two hotels in construction stage.  There in the midst of that light, we saw something we both had never seen before.  It was thousands of birds.  Thousands.  Not one or two, not three or four, but thousands.  More than I have ever seen before in my life combined.  The thousands of birds were right before our eyes chilling.  Hanging out with their posse.  Not worried about us.  Probably worried about looking good for the ladies nearby.  We approached them slowly, for me, I did this because I had seen the Hitchcock classic the Birds when I was a kid.  I didn’t know what to expect.  But nothing happened except they moved about 5 feet away as we kept walking through them.  The sea parted here.  Well, the sea of birds parted out of our way.  Then after we passed through the light, they came back together to form their original cluttered formation. 

As you could imagine, we were amazed.  But then about a hundred feet up from the group, we saw another gap in the hotels and birds were there too.  More thousands right there, a hundred feet away from the others.  This reminded me of the scene from Michael Jackson’s “Beat it” video because you have the two groups (clans, tribes, brothers, etc…)  forming a plan to see how to attack.  I hope they didn’t fight but I don’t know.  If they did, who won?  But maybe they started to fight and MJ the bird made them dance instead of fight.  Who knows? 

Moral of the story:  Enjoy birds, they can fly and you can’t. 

One thought on “Birds

  1. Hey Jason,
    Birds are pretty awesome! You are the first person that I think I’ve ever heard make a connection between birds and Michael Jackson! Hope you are doing well!

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