Me being me in God

“Not me doing things for God, but me being me in God.”

This is a phrase that hit me in the shower today. I have been realizing many life-altering things that I have been doing for a long time. I am learning through trials, how valuable it is to examine myself and see where I am at in the faith. Not that I have left the faith or have been faltering but to see why I am doing the things I do. Many times I have realized that I do things because others think I should or at least because I think others would do them.

I have not been me recently. That is what God has been pointing out to me lately. I have been trying to perform for God. This has left me feeling worthless and left me feeling as if I have no passion or excitement in my life.

I have a lot of decisions to make in the few weeks and I could use the prayers and the encouragement, so please drop me a note.

Another gem from shower time: “Following Christ is really discovering who we naturally are.”
– This one takes explaining because naturally we are all sinful but what I mean is that when we follow Christ, we start to become who He made us to be.
– Naturally, we are not ourselves. We are who others think we should be. We are who we want to be. We base our lives on the potential we see and not on who we actually are at that moment. We are always striving to copy others and not be original. We struggle with identity issues but God wants to show us who we are.
– Francis Chan once said to me (really I got to have a conversation with him), “When we go to conferences, we naturally want to copy others who are up front. But what God wants you to be is yourself. I am the first Francis Chan there ever was and that is who God wants me to be. Not Louie, not Andy. But Francis.”

I pray that I can become Jason Bunch and not anyone else. “Not me doing things for God. But me being me in God.”


One thought on “Me being me in God

  1. Isn’t it funny the places we find ourselves when God chooses to show up? Or rather we are open enough to acknowledge his presence. I think about my faith and talk to God while I’m in the shower too. I think it has something to do with how I am physically being purified at that moment so it feels natural to be spiritually purified at the same time. So, may God bless you with many dirty days in your future resulting in many cleansing showers.

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