Today, what a great day.  Hanging out with many different people throughout the day.  Teaching guitar with some of the coolest kids.  Making decisions about the future.  It is amazing.  I am loving it. 

I will hold off telling the decisions that I have made but God is going to be doing something big.  It is full of awe. 

Recap over week: 
I have had one of the best weeks ever.  It hasn’t been filled with much but God has been in the midst of it all.  It has been flabbergasting to watch.  Today, Tom and I got to hang out and play disc golf (new favorite sport) and also, we hung out with some other guys and played beach volleyball.  Amazing stuff.  I am tired.  I have this huge desire to start exercising more and start running again.  I want to have more energy to keep up with the many tangents that I am required to take. 

So one thing that I am loving is the fact that Jesus seemed to get distracted all the time.  I mean all the time.  He is on his way to heal a man’s daughter and he gets stopped by a woman who has an issue with her blood.  Then he gets “distracted” again.  I mean Jesus is seriously not on the most punctual side that I can tell.  My friend Tim once said that Jesus wouldn’t have been the most logical choice for a leader because he is so unpunctual and unpredictable (not a good thing in today’s society).  Anyways, Jesus keeps getting distracted, in ways that we call it, but he still lives his love with the most joy possible.  It is fascinating. 

Well today, I got “distracted” by many different things.  I had a guitar lesson at 2 but the guy thought we agreed upon 3.  So I was bored.  I got distracted from waiting and got captured into reading the Bible.  I had an agenda and it wasn’t to be reading the Bible at that moment by God distracted me from what I wanted to do and put what He wanted me to do in my path.  I got distracted into reading the Bible.  And it was one of the best quiet times I have ever had.  So sweet to be in the presence of God.  I will show what I wrote in my journal during this time with God. 

I got distracted from my agenda when I came home because Tim and Tom were hanging out.  I wanted to just chill and take a nap or something but no, I got distracted.  So we hung out and I loved it.  This is where the disc golf game and volleyball came up from.  Sharing my life with others leads to many things I don’t see, and might not want to see, happening.  Life will be unpredictable and that is what I want.

Distractions can bring you closer to God if you truly seize the divine moment He has placed before you. 


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