asking big

I just got done watching a message by Andy Stanley, titled “Asking Big.”  It has changed the way I view prayer.  Many times in my life I have just had small things to pray.  Things that will likely take care of itself.  But in this part of his series, Andy was talking about how God wants us to pray for things that are big.  Things that are beyond our imagination.  This blows me away.

I have been investigating what kinds of things I should be praying for and God seems to putting community on my heart more than ever before.  He seems to be putting a desire to bring worship to the nations on my heart.  I want to be a part of something that is not going to be done by me.  Something that can only be done by Him.

I want to be a part of something that I can look back and say, “how did that happen” and be able to answer, “only by God’s grace.”

I am praying big.  I am going to pray persistantly and boldly.  My friend Mike has been doing this recently and until this morning I don’t think I got it.  But now I am praying for God to take this world.  To take this city.  To take us to a place of bringing bones back to life (Ezekiel 37).

Read Luke 11:1-10.  Notice the fact that Jesus has been given the opportunity to talk about prayer and he tells a story of a man who came to a friend’s house late at night asking for food for another friend.  One thing that helps clarify the context is that most houses during Jesus’ day in that area of the world had a sleeping room where everyone in the house slept.  Many people in the same room.  You had to be asleep when everyone else was asleep or you would wake them up.  So this friend who came to the door was waking everyone in the house up, not just his friend.

But the fascinating thing is that the guy answers the door, not because it is his friend, but “because of his persistance he will get up and give him as much as he needs.”  The guy who gets is God.  So God wants to see how serious we really are.  How bold are we going to be?  How shameless are we going to be?  He wants to see us be persistant.

God, I pray that we can be bold for You.  Boldly asking for the big things that aren’t in our line of sight.  God, do what You will with our lives but I pray that You bring community, bring worship to the nations and life to the bones that are dead.  Amen.


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