More than all the other things they do, servants forget.  They forget themselves.  This is an idea that will forever change me.  I love that thought.  Father, I want to forget myself in order to serve others. 

I was listening to a sermon by Chuck Swindoll that came with a book I have had for a while (still never read).  He was telling the story of William Booth, who is the founder of the Salvation Army, and how he was one time getting together at a convention for all the volunteers but happened to get sick.  The event was supposed to be a reviving of the spirits for all those who worked with the Salvation Army.  This was a setback in people’s minds, however, they continued the conference. 

So Booth got sick and couldn’t make it but he said that he would send a telegram to be read at the last night’s event.  Everyone was anticipating what was to be read concerning the vision and focus for the Salvation Army for the next few years.  When the telegram came and the last night’s speaker was to share it with everyone, he opened it up and smirked because the telegram only continued one word. 


 The focus of the Salvation Army was not to be themselves but others.  All those people whom they served. 

Wow, what a revolutionary idea.  Forgetting ourselves to serve and love others. 


One thought on “Others

  1. You are such a fine young man Jason. I’m sure God has special plans for you. Selfishly I hope it isn’t too far away.

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