having to see to believe

Days that start out with a feeling of beginning are life-changing.  Days where a freshness is attached will quickly lead us to experience life in a whole new way.

Yeah, I got a haircut.  I was hoping it wasn’t that obvious but I did.  I got my ears lowered.  I raised the roof with my brain.  Other phrases of getting haircut can be expressed here as well.

I have waited a long time for a haircut.  I always wait too long.  The lady who did it looked at me funny when I came in because she knew she was in for a trial.  I went in with lots and lots of hair (bunches, if you will) and came out with not so much.  After all, it is summer.   I even got her to shave the famous beard.  I feel naked.  I am not myself.  I am new.

But to my surprise, I got a present on my doorstep when I arrived home.  Getting mail is like Christmas for me.  I always want to get things when I arrive home.  That is an amazing thing for me.  A moment of ecstasy.  When I order something off Amazon, joy recedes from my heart when the package finally arrives.  I love it.  I love that feeling of someone caring enough about me to use the mail.  But today, the present pretuding forth from my mailbox was something I didn’t expect to receive.

A diploma.  I never thought in my entire life that I would do enough to graduate from college.  Today, I proved myself wrong.  I know I graduated a month ago today, but I never thought it was serious until this morning.  Until I had it in my hand, I didn’t believe it.

Insight:  finally getting the diploma in my hand was a moment of belief.  I didn’t believe it until I touched it.  It was the same way with Thomas (the doubter) and Jesus.  Thomas didn’t believe that Jesus rose from the dead unless he touched the nail marks in his hand.  Belief sometimes takes sight.

My prayer for this day is that we, as believers, can see without believing.  That we can hope for what we don’t see.


2 thoughts on “having to see to believe

  1. Congratulations on getting your diploma. I’ll have to send you something in the mail now that I know you enjoy it so much. haha

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