Day 8,661

So my life has been amazing lately.  I haven’t been doing much except for building relationships more fully.  It is an amazing time in my life.  I don’t think I have ever enjoyed myself more.  God is really putting a lot on the table for me.  It is almost unbearable because it just all seems impossible for me to do but possible through Him who strengthens me. 

 What to say?  Well, I have a new haircut that has me being called “Jack Shepherd” (Matthew Fox from LOST).   I have a new viewpoint for friends and time spent with them.  This also reaches out to my time with God.  At staff meeting today, Deanna mentioned the phrase “QT” and I thought that she was talking about quiet time, but she meant Quality Time.  It hit me that most times I just want to set aside a short amount of time with God, when in actuality He just wants quality time.  This hit me to the core.  I want to start off each day, because if mornings don’t work the day doesn’t work, with God and myself spending quality time together.  This is hard because sometimes quality time can take a few hours.  I am excited about this new phase of life for me.  I don’t know where it is going to take me but it is exciting. 

 Let’s see what else?  Oh, I participated in a gaming tournament, which means a Halo tournament for all those non-gamers to be clued in.  My team did good but didn’t make the cut.  Other teams were dominated by one player who just killed everyone while the rest of their team did below average.  I hate that about life.  The really good ones make the game for the losers.  Reminds me of Jesus.  Jesus chose those who sucked at life and helped them win the game.  I really don’t hate that, just so you know.  Jesus chose me after all.  Knowing that I wouldn’t make the cut, He chose me.  Knowing that I was the reason for the cuts all over Him, He still chose me.  He chose me. 


So new website that is fascinatingly interesting.   Just type in your birthday and see how many days old you are. 


2 thoughts on “Day 8,661

  1. Thats crazy. Yesterday I told Kristan I wanted her to start asking me every day if I woke up and spent time with God in the morning. I started reading a book that really convicted me on it. Thats cool that God is telling you the same stuff.

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