God is funny, sometimes.

I am learning that God has an odd sense of humor.  Almost sadistic sometimes.  I know you might think that I am blaspheming but I am just sharing my thoughts.  All glory to Him.

He is just odd and weird.  Somewhat quirky in my opinion.

So my day has been odd.  I had a great time of reading this morning.  I read some of Brian McLaren’s book “The Story we find ourselves in”.  Good book so far.  It is a fiction book that really makes you think.  Look at it and discover some unique perspectives.  One thought that changed my life this morning was when the character was describing how Abraham was told by God that he would be blessed but that he would also be a blessing.  Blessed but to a blessing.  Radical thought.  He was blessed so that he would be a blessing.  This is amazing to me.  This puts everything into perspective for me.

Another thought from book:  Too many times we get caught in the debate of being chosen by God.  Yes, election.  Too many debates have been sparked by the idea of election.  But the character in the book said that that was sad and that we should stop debating and start asking why.  “Why were we chosen” should be our focus.  Amazing.  We are chosen to bless others.

I was chosen to bless others.  This has been my prayer all day.  I want to love my neighbor as myself.  I want to bless others.  That is something that I feel is possible.  Most times I feel as if God calling me is impossible but today I felt a sense of assurance and hope.  Wow.

So how was God funny today?  Well I was praying to be a blessing to my neighbors and not ten minutes later passed before I rammed into the back of the car in front of me.  Ouch.  What a God we serve.

P.S.  I’m ok.  Everyone else was ok.  Ask me about it and you will get a great story.

Pray for my wrist, it might be broken.


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