Wreck update

I got in a wreck as most of you know.  I am ok.  I hated it by the way.  Don’t ever wish for anyone to get in a wreck.  It hurts. 

So here are some updates:
I am ok, everyone else is ok.
My wallet will not be ok for the next 3 years.  Don’t ask for money until then.
I hate American cars.  They break easy.  The Chevrolet Monte Carlo basically disintegrated when I hit it at 45.  Cheapo.
My Honda Civic is in the shop for the next 2 weeks.  I am getting a new windshield, a new radiator, a new hood, a new front bumper, a new paint job on the front, a new set of airbags (why do airbags cost $1,000 a piece – why did the passenger airbag go off when nobody was in it? was it trying to protect my cds or something?). 
I did not break my wrist.  It felt like it at first, but I am a pansy, whiny baby.  It is ok.  Sore but ok. 
I did hurt my neck however.  Pray for it.  My friend Lindsay had some leftover drugs from her accident a while back that she is going to let me use.  I will be feeling good in a little bit, thank you very much.  I don’t think whiplash occured, except for the pain in my muscles. 
I do accept any donations to the pay-for-Jason’s-insurance-raising fund.  Cash and checks, as well as Visa, accepted.
Meals will also be accepted for the pain and suffering.

I am kidding.  I am ok.  But all those things above are still true. 


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