prayers for mexico

Tonight is going to be interesting.  You see, I don’t like to wake up early so you can imagine how 3:30 in the a.m. sounds. It sounds terrible.  Terrible. 

 We are leaving for Mexico though so I am ecstatic.  Very excited.  My first plane trip will be taken and my first time out of the country, other than the Bahamas.  God will use us for His glory, I know this because we are all willing to be used. 

Well, be praying for our safety, mainly the flight down as well as making sure to get the correct flights and all.  Be praying that we remain focused on what God sent us down there for, mainly to bring Him glory through our service.  Be praying against sickness physically as well as emotionally (mainly dealing with missing family and friends especially Michael and Jeff).  I can’t imagine going without my family and all but God has sent us on a mission.  Just lift them up. 

I can’t wait to share the stories with you all as soon as we get back. 



top ten for the week

I will be in Mexico for this next week and I am not sure if I will have a chance to write about the song for the week. 

Due to the fact that there are so many songs that I like this week, I am just going to share my top playlist on my iPod.  Top Ten will be shown in no particular order. 

1) “I’m Coming Your Way” – Desperation Band (one of my favorite worship groups) 2
2)”Bellies are Full” – Portugal the Man (seriously check them out)
3)”King without a crown” – Matisyahu (come on, a Jewish reggae artist, why not just buy the whole cd)
4)”I see Monsters” – Ryan Adams (good guitar work)
5) “Don’t wait for Daylight” – Needtobreathe (in the words of my friend, Edd who showed me this band, “there is good Christian music”)
6)”Open” – Jason Morant (just a good song, one that might become in the worship of the Patio)
7)”Offering” – Jason Morant (“I’m your offering for all the world to see” – great lyrics)
8) “Lucent in Tenebris” – Jason Morant (a chill song, no words, no need – the music speaks for itself)
       Ok, so just buy the whole Jason Morant ep, Belong, all these songs are on there.  Really cheap on iTunes. 
9) “Dead Man Blues” – Wynton Marsalis (nothing like New Orleans jazz)
10) “Paranoid Android” – Radiohead (this song is one of my favorite songs of all time, but I just listened to it again this week and my week has seriously been awesome since tuning in.  I don’t know if the song did it, but whatever the song is great.)


It has been a good 5 or so minutes since everyone left from playing Halo.  I have been contemplating a lot of different things with God and I have realized that I need to give myself more downtime.  I need to have more alone time with God.  It is a great place to be at when you realize this.  God just hit me and I think that this is a funny thing to realize right before a missions trip.  I am going to a place where I won’t have much downtime at all but what little I do, I want to use it to see God and to experience Him for myself.

 Today, Mladen spoke about vision and how we need to figure out this for ourselves.  Good stuff roomie.  I agree completely.  I was also hit by something that he read.  I don’t remember the exact quote but Tchaikovsky, a Russian composer, once had a sign on his door that read something to the extent of: you can come by between 9 and 5 and give ideas and converse but after this, do not knock because I am a composer and I don’t want to have idle time.  Wow.  He was focused on his vision.  He was focused on what He needed to do and it was great because it gave him time to do it. 

To tie the two thoughts together:  downtime and vision.  I realize that most of us have so much going on that distracts us from what God is calling us to do.  The whole good vs. God that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.  Downtime, I am starting to understand, is to give you a break so that you can recooperate to get back in the whole vision thing that God gave you.  It is slowing down and getting rest so that God can fuel you to continue your path. 

This week try to find some downtime.  I know that I am going to have to force myself to do so.  Downtime is not normal.  You have to make yourself get down. 

outside the box

God is good.  Just in case you all didn’t realize it.  I am here to remind you. 

Today has been a day of relationships.  It has been a day of confirming.  Not only Jeff got things confirmed today.  God is revealing some awesome things to us all. 

I met with a new friend of mine tonight, along with his family, and it was just a huge confirmation of what God is calling me to do.  I never thought that he would confirm, mostly because he is unfamiliar with the situation, but God used him to encourage me.  It was great to pray with him about what God is doing in the Patio as well as pray about his life and ministry. 

God is doing some big things, not just in the Patio, but out in the world outside Reedy Fork.

Tonight confirmed to me that I struggle with thinking outside the box.  I don’t mean that I think unconventially, because I think oddly.  I mean that I struggle with remembering that what I am doing is not the only thing that God is doing.  Sometimes I get stuck in the idea that I am the only thing that God has going for himself.  And thank goodness that is not true.  God has bigger things in store that I could never dream of doing. 

Let’s focus on what God wants done through us and celebrate what He is doing everywhere else.  Please if you are reading this, share your stories with us as well as those to whom you are in contact with. 

“Gavin’s song” by Mark Broussard

Lullabies were never sung to me as a kid.  Partially, my dad being a singer not of this world (I think you get my drift) and partially being me falling asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.  Still do, by the way, in case someone ever wants bonus points in the Bunch Trivial Pursuit to be expected soon (just kidding). 

Anyways, since I was deprived of lullabies, I have always enjoyed them more than most others I know.  One such song has hit me this week and the two weeks prior. 

It is “Gavin’s Song,” by Mark Broussard.  Check it out on iTunes.  Good song. 

This song hits me because growing up a divorce kid, I was with one parent at a time.  I have never been around my parents where it was on good terms between them.  I mean, they never fought, well, they couldn’t because they hardly talked.  Anyways, this song hits me because of the last line of this song, “I wish I could be there, but I can’t.”  This was it for me as a kid.  I always heard this, and still to this day, this line has a way of making me feel abandoned (you can still say it, so don’t worry). 

Besides the sad note above, I have had a great time with my parents growing up.  Especially my dad.  He is such a great dad, I can’t express what I feel for him.  It is great growing up under his tutelage.  He was great, I will try to do the same thing that Mladen did and write about my life, because I know some of you don’t know my testimony. 

So this song has been on my mind lately, but I don’t really know what else to write about it.  It just hits me like no other this week.  Sorry I was off by two days from releasing my normal song of the week post, for those anticipating. 

Here are some other lyrics that I know I want to pray for my kid as he/she grows:

“I wish you wisdom
I wish you years
I wish you armies to conquer all your fears
I wish you courage for all that life demands”

Well, bye everyone.  I hope each of you will listen into the lullaby that God has been singing for us since before the dawn of time. 

worship: the series

Ok, so I have been praying about worship lately and what it means.  Well, insights have been coming from all directions.  God works in ways that are not expected.  I got some cool insights from a guy from Canada, a guitar student of mine who is 8, a friend from college, as well as just walking along and seeing two squirrels fight (what a great thing). 

My friend Steve Rozema, a guy from the cornfields (literally) just joined the trend that is blogging.  He has only written one blog at this point but boy, did he hit the nail on the head?  God used him to speak to me.  Read what he has to say about worship.  He says everything I would want to say.  “Worship in spirit is giving God back to God.”  Wow. 

I will write more about worship in the coming week before our trip to Mexico.  Pray for Mike, Stephanie, Vicki, Jeff, and I as we head out on Monday.  It is going to be an amazing time. 

Side note: I am going to try to come up with an awesome title for the series that will be worship.  I am thus far thinking: Ship Wors (kind of like Star Wars if you stretch the imagination).  The Story of us messing it up.  Trspirituth (because of spirit in truth).  Gathering with God.  I am at a loss for words as to a title for this series.  Give me some good ideas. 

catching up

Catching up.  Being out of school has lots of advantages.  As well as disadvantages.  I don’t have much to do in the sense of normal work.  I have a lot to do that I deem as life.  I do have some preparations for raising support as well as some guitar lessons to help out the income.  But mostly what I have to do this week is get involved. 

God has been showing me that the only thing I need to focus on for the next while is to just get involved.  Get involved in people’s lives.  Get involved in what they need.  Get involved in building relationships and building faith for others.  Get involved in all that I can. 

I have a lot of catching up to do in this area.