Good days ahead

I don’t know what it was about today but I loved it.  It was a great day.  Going out to my first glimpse of life out at the Patio was amazing.  I learned a whole lot through sticking to God’s plan as well as just about life in general.  I hate that I had to leave so early.  I wanted to stay for a long time but duty calls. 

I got to see “Live free and Die Hard” today with my dad.  I really enjoyed it.  I don’t know if it was a great movie but it had all the elements for me, action, comedy, drama.  Awesome stuff.  I recommend it only because Bruce Willis is an awesome hero in this series.  I got to talk with my dad a long time about life and about financial issues coming up with wreck.  I am excited for him to be a part of my life right now.  I am very blessed to have a dad that I can spend time with and enjoy it as if he is one of my closest friends.  God has blessed my relationship with my father. 

Well anyways, future is going to bring a lot of new challenges.  I am eager to share them with you all.  God has been calling me to some of the toughest things that I have had to be involved with right now.  I am eager for what the future will bring.  I am praying for closeness with God and a desperate need for dependence on God to be at the center of my life.   


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