jazz cravings

Song day.  Yep-ee.  I don’t know what this song will be on here, because I am not listening to music for a while.  But I could tell you about what songs I am craving to hear.  Ok, that is what I will tell each of you about. 

Songs I am crying out for:
Savior King by Hillsong United – I still love that song so much.  The way the lyrics capture, the way the guitar is playing such a simple melody in the background.  Ouch, it is hard to not listen to that song.

for some reason, I am craving some Led Zeppelin.  I don’t usually listen to them that much, but right now, I want some Led pumping through my ears.

Oh man, I just turned around and on my dresser, I have all my cd cases stashed.  That stinks to stare at what you want the most and not being able to cave in to it.  What I saw behind me, that is now entering my thoughts is jazz music.  I want to hear some sweet jazz music.  I am not talking about the modern-day jazz music that doesn’t stick to a key or that just flies all over the place.  I mean the jazz that captured a generation’s heart.  Louis Armstrong.  Benny Goodman.  Duke Ellington.  Billie Holliday. 

Duke Ellington once wrote a song called “Reminescing in Tempo” for his mother.  His mother had recently died and he couldn’t stand the agony that he was feeling so he wrote her this song.  It is an amazingly sad song.  I mean it cries out to you.  It is such a heartfelt song though.  I first heard it and started weeping.  That is what a good song does to you, it brings itself to life in your life.  You feel it.  You become part of the song.  You lose all sense of time and start to feel a new freshness to your life. 

A song that will not leave my thought life right now is a song that changed me.  A song that changed the face of jazz music, it changed how people play their instruments.  It changes how people view life.  It is called “West End Blues” by Louis Armstrong and the Hot Sevens.  Oh my gosh, this song is a perfect song.  I don’t mean that it was played perfect or produced perfect.  But it was a perfect song,  the way the trumpet cascades over the other instruments.  The way Earl Hines on piano sings so sweetly with his keys triumphantly over a short melody.  How Louis sings so sweetly over the entire space of time.  It is just a perfect song in my opinion.  Try to listen to the song, through the ears of 1920 and realize that nothing like this had come before it.  This is where jazz started to change the way people viewed music. 


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