I played volleyball tonight.

Read Erwin McManus’ book “Soul Cravings.”  Really good book. 

“There is only one reason for God to come himself, because in issues of love, you just can’t have someone else stand in for you.”  

I really like this quote, because it shows how much we must give of ourselves and not just of what we have.  Many times people want to just throw their money on something, and not spend time helping out.  I pray that we as a church can give ourselves to this community.   That we can share our lives with those around us.  The life of this church will only be as good as how much we give of ourselves. 

God, I pray that you can show us how to live intentionally to serve those around us.  Teach us how to become fully alive through relationships.  Father, I pray for your blessing to be upon us.  For Your face to shine through our hearts.  Bring us to a point of sacrifice; where we give all that we have to You.  Amen. 

Side note:  God has sparked something in me today that I haven’t felt in a long time.  I feel that it is something that God is going to place in my path.  The vagueness is for a reason.  I am not going to say what it is yet but stay posted.


4 thoughts on “I played volleyball tonight.

  1. I like how you did the side note paragraph thing, too. Me and you have way too many of those things. haha. I agree with what you said. Great blog.

  2. I think we might be playing late on Sunday night. You should come. Zac and I only won because this other girl came over and helped us. It was great. She killed Will and Eric’s game.

  3. Thanks for this blog. I completely agree that it is our tendency to throw whatever we have at a problem except for that which God is actually asking us to use: ….ourselves. Your words reminded me that no matter what I might have to give toward God’s kingdom in this life, it will all be in vain if I am not giving my whole self.

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