I feel that we, here at the Patio, are starting to draft.  What I mean is two things:  we are starting to catch wind of what God is doing, as in Nascar, when the driver in the back is falling so closely to the person in front that they are just saving gas and momentum until it is the right time to act.  I feel we are doing this as a leadership team because we are learning so much through conversations about what God has been doing elsewhere as well as learning how to do it here. 

But the second thing I mean by drafting is that God is molding us and crafting us to start up plans that are going to set in motion a movement that brings people to a place to come alive.

Right now, it is our job to listen to God for wisdom, seeking Him with our lives, going “all-in” and sacrificing that which is most dear to us. 

It is a newness that I feel right now.  Many things are up in the air for me because of all the things going on in my life.  I am in the process of changing churches, which has its agonies and heartaches, as well as frustrations yet unseen.  I am starting a new thing of God in my life.  Journeying towards that which I am most scared of.  Myself. 

Let us break the mold and catch wind of what God has been doing in the church since He rose from the dead.  Let us draft all those that came before and start drafting up a vision of what God has called us to do out here.  Let us come alive to resurrect this community to the Risen Lord.  Let us be willing to die to ourselves and live for others. 


4 thoughts on “Drafting

  1. Man, I just got back from my meeting with Mark and Peter and they had a really good encouragement regarding being a church for the people who need a thousand chances. We will talk soon about it!

  2. Another aspect of drafting still ahead is recruiting. Praying for the many people to join here in the future. But unlike the NBA Draft, we will take all who come. Thank you Jesus for being a God of a thousand chances.

  3. It’s not often that one can use a NASCAR reference when describing a spiritual state, but it works well here. I agree that we are using some experience that others have gained. At the same time, we break new ground every day. I am loving our community right now, both the Patio and Reedy Fork. May we both continue to die to ourselves and live for others. Good word brother.

  4. This is a great blog, and I am definitely praying for you and all you guys and the Patio.

    I just have to say though that hearing you use a Nascar term was quite hilarious. I laughed so hard that I cried.

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