conversing with Tara

This blog was sparked because of the nature of Tara and her great appeal to life. Anyone who knows Tara will catch on to how much she is a lover of life. She is great to be around and for you, all my viewers, I wanted to let you in on a conversation between us. An interview if you will.

Hopefully I can have more interviews with others in the future. So this might be the first of many.

Why does country affect your soul so much?
Because it is simple music that contrasts with my hardcore music and because it is pure, with Christian values (some of it).

Tara points out calendar in side of room. I don’t know where it came from though.

Where did Nascar originate?
First televised race was at Daytona 500 in 1968 (possibly).

Who won the race?
Lee Petty.

Favorite movie. ?
3-way tie between Dirty Dancing, Steel Magnolias, and Full Metal Jacket.

Notice the randomness of movie ties. Good stuff. We got dancing, sweeties, and hardcoreness.

Are there more bridges or scooters in the world?
I don’t know. I like this song. (“Refuge” by Tom Petty is playing in the background).

How did the Internet originate?
10 computer system connecting the branches of the military to the government. I don’t know how I randomly know that, because I hate history.

What is your favorite memory from childhood?
Sweet victory. We (all the boys and Tara) were playing football in my best friend’s yard across the street who happens to be a boy. (The street is not the boy). And they had gotten to the stage of denying my ability to play, because I am a girl. And in two consecutive plays, I clothes-line a boy flat on his back, and next play, I scored a touchdown. All the boys were scared.

If you had a blank card (“blank inside”) and it was a special occasion, but you forgot what the special occasion was, what would you write?
I would write “I hope you have a great day/your mother gets better/you get better and/or you have a great birthday.”

To which I said, “awesome.”

If you were stranded on an island, and you only had 3 things. What would it be?
First answer was the 3 members of Lifehouse. I told her the likelihood was not possible at this moment, due to the nature of the new tour.
A bible, a picture of my brothers, and a lifetime supply of cheese.

Give me the most random minute of conversation of you talking, no interruptions, no holds-bar limit on your mouth. Conversation will be between you and yourself. A monologue of your thoughts on your favorites.

Alright, my favorite things. My first favorite thing is Carolina basketball, because it is great and nothing is better, besides I have never made more of a fool of myself watching any other sport. Alright, other favorite: music. That is all that needs to be said. But now I am going to say more. I like all kinds of music. Not just COUNTRY (evil stare for those who playa hating). Other favorite: Nascar. Because it is great. Nascar is just good, a lot of history to it, rules that you have to memorize, flags that you have to memorize. A lot more things go into it than most people know. And it is a sport.
My brothers are my favorite too. 3 brothers, not two. I like football, favorite sport. I like the mountains. British accents, Australian accents. But nothing beats the twang of a country accent. My favorite country artist is Jason Aldean, because he is a modern cowboy and he rocks the cowboy image. He’s got the twang.

What do you see yourself doing with your life? God-style?
Since two of my favorite things are children and math, I am going to teach till the day I can’t possibly stand in front of a class. Later on in life, I want to go overseas and teach while doing mission work. I am thinking Africa.

God-style accomplished.

This is just a start of Tara. Want more information.


5 thoughts on “conversing with Tara

  1. I love Tara soooo much! I love talking for an hour or more on the phone and laughing so hard my sides hurt! Conversations w/ her are always INTERESTING and a pleasure 🙂

  2. I remember sitting behind Tara in music class and being so intrigued by her personality even if we never talked (for a long time). Her smile is contageous! 🙂 – however you spell it.

    It is good to see such a positive interview. The secular world only asks questions abotu the earthly corruption of the famous and “guilty”.

    Please keep my in your prayers (had a seizure yesterday).


  3. Ok, so I had to look it up and I was wrong almost all the way around. The first televised race was the Daytona 500, but Richard Petty won and it was in 1979. I feel retarded because I should have known this. I kinda did, I just forgot or whatever. It was actually a contraversial win and a great boost for Nascar.
    Nascar originated in 1948. You should check out this link:

  4. 🙂 This is great. We have to do your interview at some point in the near future. I love how this blog points out my tangent tendency, original purpose: accomplished.

    Thanks to you and Lindsay, I had a lot of fun this weekend, including losing at Monopoly 😦 and changing the banner on your phone to the phrase of the trip. haha It was stress free and that was exactly what I needed.

    By the way, rematch of Monopoly officially requested and this time YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!

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