why harry?

How come Harry Potter is taking over the world?  How come Universal Studios Florida is opening up a new park down there to be fully devoted to the Harry Potter series?  How come Daniel Radcliffe just got $50 million to make the latest Potter movie that came out last week?  Why Harry?  Why is J.K. Rowling the second-highest paid woman in the world, only to be beaten by Oprah (but who can beat her)?  Why did she go from being a waitress writing on napkins to writing for children in 65 different languages? 

What is it about this story that leads generations to read once again?  How does she have the capabilites to write in a such a way to make people go to libraries?  How can she capture the imagination so well? 

 She knows the story that we long for.  She knows that we want (we need) majesty and magic in our life.  We crave it.  This week, I am joining the bandwagon and reading the Harry Potter book.  I have read the first 5 before but it has been a while.  So, me being lazy, I watched the movies and this week I am reading the 6th book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. However, I am not going to wait in line a long time just to get the book.  But I will go the next day to Wal-Mart and buy the book.  It will be great. 

Side note: I love how people need things the day they came out.  Just to defy my needs, I am going to wait on new releases. 

Anyways, Mrs. Rowling knows the stories that we long for.  She knows what it is like to get caught up in something bigger than ourselves.  I want each of us to catch the story that is bigger than our lives.  I want each of us join the party and celebrate something big, something true. 

If you haven’t ordered your book yet, and don’t want to wait in store, here it is on amazon.com: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


3 thoughts on “why harry?

  1. HP is enticing to so many people for so many different reasons – the secular for different reasons than the godly.

    To so many who dive into the story, they can see the Hogwarts world away from the world where skills and abilities are overlooked.

    Harry represents (easily) how the past never seems to diminish.

    It is a series of determination, relation, and hope.

    I personally have not read any of the books, but I’ve seen a couple of the movies.

    – I’m looking to take hold of the story so much bigger than I am.
    Thank you for the agape’ reminder.


  2. How did you make one of the things I dislike the most sound so appealing? You almost got me, but not quite.
    p.s. I’ve got to tell you about the concert!!!!!!! I recorded Broken for you and Lindsay!

  3. Good thoughts. True indeed. There is often a spiritual reason that something resonates with our souls so much…we are all looking for fulfillment…yearning for creation to be made right and for us to get what we need.

    The only time I have really felt like I needed something the day it came out with Coldplay’s X & Y. I was in England at the time and was totally stoked that it came out a day earlier over there. I bought it a day earlier than Joseph for Brandon could. I guess that is why I felt like I needed it then. Haha.

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