Echo? or voice?

I just finished Soul Cravings by Erwin McManus.  Great book.  Please read it.  It was cool.  Lots of good quotes throughout the book.  I will try to put some up here in the near future. 

 But in the meantime, the last chapter was amazing.  It was more like an epilogue or whatever.  He was telling this story of him and his son going to a movie theater and it raining outside.  All the people are in one long line, but Erwin and his son notice that there is another line that no one is in.  So they go to the line and ask the cashier about it.  “We asked why no one was in his line, which was empty, and everyone chose instead to stand unquestioning in the rain.  ‘I have no idea’ was his response.” 

Then he writes something that hit me: “Why are we more likely to get behind someone in line rather than start our own?” 

This is amazing.  We are scared to start our own line because we feel as if need to conform.  This reminds me of watching Dead Poets’ Society in the scene where Robin Williams asks his class to start doing things that no one else does.  They are outside and some of the guys start walking in lines, some lean up against walls and other dance.  This is cool. 

Why do we need to conform?  It seems that Jesus always asks us this question.  Why are you trying to be a part of this world?  Why not start something new?  Something different?  Why not love instead of hate?  That is what Jesus asks us. 

But being poetic, McManus ends this section of the book by saying, “the story reminds us that it is easy to become an echo instead of a voice.” 

Echoing insteading of using our voice.  Wow. 

Are you an echo of what’s already been said?  Or are you voicing something new? 


2 thoughts on “Echo? or voice?

  1. Wow – too cool! I have been thinking about this a little bit lately, especially with how I talk about Scripture and teach karate.

    So often I just repeat what I’ve heard or cliche’ the same thought over and over. I remember the “salt of the world” conversation at Tower Village Bible Study one night and qualities of salt were given… My answer was , “no matter how small you break it, it’s still a cube” — How true this was, but how outside the cliche’ answers it was too. As Christians we could joins the box of salt and be one among many hanging out in a type of STORAGE instead of being that one who daringly steps out and so often is the tasteful success that gives the Cook the credit!

    Thank you for sharing… I’m trying to be a voice! I will continue trying…


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