oh my God, this guy is awesome

Ok, two things,

1) I hate how wordpress is weird on time because I wrote 2 blogs last night and it posted them for today.  Whatever, I get over that.

2) My last blog, a few minutes ago, I titled it “conversational worship.”  Wow, this got me thinking.  I like that.  I really really like that idea.  I think Jesus did it all the time, I know He did.  Many times we read about the healings that He performed and we think, “oh my God, this guy is awesome.”  But we forget that the most important part about Him healing those people was that He talked to them.  Oh my God, this guy is awesome.  Nobody else would talk to them.  They were the outsiders.  They were the ones whom nobody wanted.  Yet, the Kings of kings and Lord of lords talked to them.  He introduced the people to whom nobody wanted a conversation about worship.  The lady at the well (John 4), they talked about her life and it led to a conversation on worship.  I want to do this more often; I want to converse with each of you about how we worshipped this week.  Let’s get the party started.  I want to talk about what God showed us.  About what He introduced us to this week.  I want to share lives with each of you and show each other how to come alive more fully.  After all, Jesus once had a conversation with some people about how He came to give life and to give it more fully.  Abundant life passed on through conversation. 


3 thoughts on “oh my God, this guy is awesome

  1. You put to words what my heart says to me on a daily basis. Sometimes I get so excited about what God is doing in my life, but I choose to tell the strangest people. I suppose that’s good in some ways, but I would really like to be at a place where the first people I chose to tell are my church family. Then from there I would go out and tell others. I feel like my church family would get it better, and also add to my reflection on how God is really working, give me points I hadn’t thought of. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it is the way I would like to be; really reflecting on God’s work with my brothers and sisters, and then going out to tell people about Him.

  2. Wow man that’s an amazing concept conversational worship! This is really what our lives should be all about!

  3. Conversational Worship – sounds like a good title for a book! 😉

    There was a time when I would get SO FIRED UP from church or the Element and would not talk with people about it becuase it felt strange. Now I call people and tell them how happy I am. I journal about God all the time now and He’s more me than I am.

    The thought of worshiping through conversation is an awesome one. I’ll surely be thinking on this more. Can you make a second entry on this and explain more on HOW to do this? Is it the topic of God through conversation, or glorifying Him through starting those conversations? Is it something totally different?


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