time in Charlotte

Well I have been working in an office the past couple of days.  Good stuff.  Not like the show, but still good.  I have realized that I can’t be stuck in one place for that long or I start to go crazy.  I start to get ansy.

My week has been good so far.  I am making some good hard-earned money.  I am trying to do all that I do for the Lord.  It is making my life much more enjoyable.

Four things:

1) Last night at the Shufords, we had a youth pastor come over and join us for dinner.  He is from Canada and a great storyteller.  I thoroughly enjoyed our time together last night. God is so good to bring encouragement wherever it is needed.  I will try to share more stories later on.  I am giving a shout out to the Zac-anator for letting me stay with him and his family.
2) God is giving me peace about frustrations and all.  He showed me that all I need to do is focus on Him and He will provide.

3) I will be coming back tomorrow and I am thoroughly excited about preparing for our trip to Mexico.  God is really helping me get ready for it through prayers and through thoughts of stuff.

4) Harry Potter book is awesome.  Good stuff.  I am trying to cram in reading time at night so that I can finish the book by the time we leave for Mexico.  I have a whole lot to go so I don’t know if that is going to be possible but whatever.  We will see.  I might have to read it to the people in Mexico for fun (in English of course).


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