“Gavin’s song” by Mark Broussard

Lullabies were never sung to me as a kid.  Partially, my dad being a singer not of this world (I think you get my drift) and partially being me falling asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.  Still do, by the way, in case someone ever wants bonus points in the Bunch Trivial Pursuit to be expected soon (just kidding). 

Anyways, since I was deprived of lullabies, I have always enjoyed them more than most others I know.  One such song has hit me this week and the two weeks prior. 

It is “Gavin’s Song,” by Mark Broussard.  Check it out on iTunes.  Good song. 

This song hits me because growing up a divorce kid, I was with one parent at a time.  I have never been around my parents where it was on good terms between them.  I mean, they never fought, well, they couldn’t because they hardly talked.  Anyways, this song hits me because of the last line of this song, “I wish I could be there, but I can’t.”  This was it for me as a kid.  I always heard this, and still to this day, this line has a way of making me feel abandoned (you can still say it, so don’t worry). 

Besides the sad note above, I have had a great time with my parents growing up.  Especially my dad.  He is such a great dad, I can’t express what I feel for him.  It is great growing up under his tutelage.  He was great, I will try to do the same thing that Mladen did and write about my life, because I know some of you don’t know my testimony. 

So this song has been on my mind lately, but I don’t really know what else to write about it.  It just hits me like no other this week.  Sorry I was off by two days from releasing my normal song of the week post, for those anticipating. 

Here are some other lyrics that I know I want to pray for my kid as he/she grows:

“I wish you wisdom
I wish you years
I wish you armies to conquer all your fears
I wish you courage for all that life demands”

Well, bye everyone.  I hope each of you will listen into the lullaby that God has been singing for us since before the dawn of time. 


2 thoughts on ““Gavin’s song” by Mark Broussard

  1. Reading this makes me better understand why I feel like I can understand you sometimes more than others. A few people I’ve met are like this and all of them (thus far) have something similar to this message in their past. They just climb to the top and are all helpful to me on my own journey.

    I will DEFINITELY get this song and listen to it, thankful for the many blessings I have and those that share my struggles with me with encouragement and love.

    Have a good weekend Bunch…

  2. I’ve never been a big fan of lullabies, but I love their purpose. Lullabies are sung to kids to give them peace and rest, and so “the lullaby that God has been singing for us” is a powerful image. Or song. I’ll be praying that you receive the peace and rest you need.

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