worship: the series

Ok, so I have been praying about worship lately and what it means.  Well, insights have been coming from all directions.  God works in ways that are not expected.  I got some cool insights from a guy from Canada, a guitar student of mine who is 8, a friend from college, as well as just walking along and seeing two squirrels fight (what a great thing). 

My friend Steve Rozema, a guy from the cornfields (literally) just joined the trend that is blogging.  He has only written one blog at this point but boy, did he hit the nail on the head?  God used him to speak to me.  Read what he has to say about worship.  He says everything I would want to say.  “Worship in spirit is giving God back to God.”  Wow. 

I will write more about worship in the coming week before our trip to Mexico.  Pray for Mike, Stephanie, Vicki, Jeff, and I as we head out on Monday.  It is going to be an amazing time. 

Side note: I am going to try to come up with an awesome title for the series that will be worship.  I am thus far thinking: Ship Wors (kind of like Star Wars if you stretch the imagination).  The Story of us messing it up.  Trspirituth (because of spirit in truth).  Gathering with God.  I am at a loss for words as to a title for this series.  Give me some good ideas. 


2 thoughts on “worship: the series

  1. You saw 2 squirrels fight today too?!? I so watched two squirrels this morning before Kids Ahoy. Craziness. What did you learn from them? I learned about God’s beauty in creation and being still.

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