It has been a good 5 or so minutes since everyone left from playing Halo.  I have been contemplating a lot of different things with God and I have realized that I need to give myself more downtime.  I need to have more alone time with God.  It is a great place to be at when you realize this.  God just hit me and I think that this is a funny thing to realize right before a missions trip.  I am going to a place where I won’t have much downtime at all but what little I do, I want to use it to see God and to experience Him for myself.

 Today, Mladen spoke about vision and how we need to figure out this for ourselves.  Good stuff roomie.  I agree completely.  I was also hit by something that he read.  I don’t remember the exact quote but Tchaikovsky, a Russian composer, once had a sign on his door that read something to the extent of: you can come by between 9 and 5 and give ideas and converse but after this, do not knock because I am a composer and I don’t want to have idle time.  Wow.  He was focused on his vision.  He was focused on what He needed to do and it was great because it gave him time to do it. 

To tie the two thoughts together:  downtime and vision.  I realize that most of us have so much going on that distracts us from what God is calling us to do.  The whole good vs. God that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.  Downtime, I am starting to understand, is to give you a break so that you can recooperate to get back in the whole vision thing that God gave you.  It is slowing down and getting rest so that God can fuel you to continue your path. 

This week try to find some downtime.  I know that I am going to have to force myself to do so.  Downtime is not normal.  You have to make yourself get down. 


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