lost in translation

Here are some of the funny things that I have said so far. I will give you the English for maximum amusement.

I have hot. Yo tango caliente.

I like bathrooms. Me gusta banos. (This one I really meant).

For some reason, I cant seem to understand the difference between the Spanish equivalent words for – space and husband. It makes for confusing times trying to communicate that I have no space in my tummy. It always ends up sounding like I have no husband in my tummy.

And yes, I did almost kiss a guy. But he leaned in, I thought it was just being courteous. Kids talk a lot and I dont understand most of them.

This one lady asked me, I think, for me to sing the national anthem for the U.S. so I started to and she just wanted me to play guitar and lead worship after we ate. She thought it was funny. I was confused. I know the national anthem, it is hard but I thought I could do it. I guess I didnt satisfy her longing for the star spangled banner.


4 thoughts on “lost in translation

  1. This made me laugh Jason! I’m glad you’re doing well. When I was in South Africa in 2004 I got used to everyone kissing me on the cheek. One night saying bye to all my south africans this one guy who I’d been working with kissed me right on the mouth and nobody thought anything of it. hmmmm cultures they fascinate me.

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