prayer support

Discontentment is being attacked by God in my life.  I have this thing in me that is never satisfied.  I don’t really know how to express it, but I never am as happy as I could be. 

Prayer is always the thing to bring me back to reality.  I don’t understand but prayer shows me where I am wrong and shows me how to get back on track. 

Tonight at the “party”, we did some prayer and all for each other as well as for the community.  Going into it, I felt very frustrated.  Nothing really at all was at the forefront of my mind but for some reason, I was just mad.  I didn’t even pray, which is odd for me.  But during the prayer, I just got this complete peace about my life and realization as to what was on my mind. 

It seems like every time I turn around, a guitar student just keeps dropping out.  I understand it completely from their perspective, but it is very hard to deal with when I am already struggling to make ends meet.  I could really use prayer about my finances.  I am at a point of trusting in God completely because I have no other option but it is really hard at the moment.  I am starting to realize how much God is bringing me to a place of being content with everything I have.  All my life, contentment has not been a description of my soul.  It seems that every time I have something, I always want more. 

I am writing this for prayer support.  Ask God to help me understand why everything is happening.  Ask Him to show me Himself working in the midst of my finances.  Please pray for the opening of doors in whatever manner possible.  This week I am going to try to send out my support letters, so pray for me to trust that God is going to come through like He always does.  And like He promises to do. 


One thought on “prayer support

  1. God has got you Bunch! That is a guarantee.

    I will pray for you earnestly about the things you wrote.

    Power in Prayer,

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