still the day that the Lord has made

Time with God today was like being with an old friend.  I don’t know why but lately I have felt some kind of distance between me and God.  It has been weird.  But tonight, I got back to the Fork and just knew that I had to take a walk.  It was like a 45 minute walk with God.  The best thing ever.  I didn’t really feel much but I got to share my heart with God.  I got to listen and look at His creation.  It was a sweet time being in His presence. 

It is so nice to slow down and just enjoy His presence.  I loved it so much. 

God keeps opening up doors for me.  Today, I got a few phone calls as well as a few emails from people interested in guitar lessons so it is good to have the doors open up a little more financially.  I also got to meet this guy in Barnes & Noble while looking for a book that Mike told me to get.  It was good having those kinds of opportunities.  I don’t want to take them for granted.  The guy is praying about changing churches so it started an interest in the Patio.  Good stuff.  Maybe God has something in store, maybe not.  Either way, I have a new friend.  Thanks, Father. 

Well, tomorrow I wake up and go downstairs to have church.  I love this life. 


2 thoughts on “still the day that the Lord has made

  1. sweet – walking downstairs to church.

    I never new church before becoming a student at UNCG. Now, I will never forget it.

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