lack of focus and jealousy

Who knew?  I just found out that blogging can convict you.  What an amazing concept.  I was reading a blog that I read pretty regularly and this one just totally convicted me. 

It is titled “I struggled with lust on Wednesday.”  Funny stuff.  I think it is a great blog.  I realized not that I am lusting after women or lusting after houses but that, recently, I have been lusting after churches. 

I have been wanting to have a big church, not just because of the souls that would be changed, but because of the glamour that would come with it.  Not because God would be honored, but because I would be honored.  Before each of you, I confess this as sin.  I want to be all about what we are doing and thoughts like this, from the enemy, really will hold us away from that. 

Let’s get wrapped up in what we are doing and become so enamored with it all that we lose sight of everything else.  That we will not crave someone else’s life but we will continue to crave our own specific journey.  That we will focus on what God has in store for us and not on what He has store in others. 


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