New times are upon us. It is very apparent that there are all kinds of new doors opening. School starts next week and each of us have many different feelings involved in this area. Some have an excitement, others a reluctance. Either way, the time is upon us.

I love this time of year. I love starting fresh. It is one of those things that keeps me going. Continuously, I get ecstatic about the newness that life brings.

Let me mention this: I love the feeling of new books and some new pens and pencils as well as a sufficient amount of fresh smells that comes from the various form of stationary? It brings me to a happy place of memories that end up on the road to kindergarten as well as beginning high school with all of its various oddities.

Fall brings me great joy. It leads me down the road to happiness. Fall reveals to me the pursuit of happiness that each of us are searching for. It shows me how much we yearn to journey towards joy.

Well it is my prayer that as each of us starts something in the coming days, we will experience the joy and happiness that our soul craves. That we would come alive to the new experiences. That we would meet new people who become lifelong friends and begin relationships yet unfounded. Newness. Coming alive in the newness that is this time.


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