this is the start of something astounding

What a great day.  Funny how it is way past midnight and I have to get up early for first day of seminary.  But I had to take the time to write about how excited I am to have gone through this day.  The only bad thing about the day was that I missed kickball with those of you who played.  So sad. 

 I love kickball. 

Today was the biggest encouragement that I could have gotten.  Mike was recently talking about how we have been receiving everything that we have been asking for as a church and lately I felt kind of scared that I would get jipped in it by God not giving me what I wanted.  Funny how God gives us what we need and not what we want.  Thank God for that.  But as of today, God is opening up some huge doors for me regarding support and it is very fascinating to see Him move in the midst of that.  I have always been skeptical of raising support just because I honestly didn’t see how it would work.  I always think to myself doubtful thoughts such as why would anyone support me.  But people are wanting to join in with what God is doing out here in the Patio.   Amazing steps are being jumped over. 

I want to echo Mike’s blog.  If you are one of the 6 that we are praying for to join our core team, hurry up.  Don’t hold back.  Go all in.  God has some big things in store for us and we need to be ready to receive it. 

Prayer Requests (PRs): Also, I got to hang with the Hal-ster today.  It was good praying with him and riding around the 29 with him.  Let’s lift him and Cassi up as they make the transition of him going to school full time and forfeiting his salary to further his education.  They are going to make it but it will be a difficult time as he is living in Raleigh most of the week and Cassi will be living here because of teaching at her school.  Paul tells us to “pray without ceasing” as well as to “encourage one another” and “build one another up.”  Let’s continue to do this. 

To help cultivate a culture of prayer, I am going to start putting some prayer requests on my blog.  It might turn into a weekly blog or something but who knows.  If you have any prayer requests, please send them to

Hal, don’t be mad, because I took the initiative to ask for prayer for you without your permission. 


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