So, I have two things that I want to share. 

1) In the next few weeks as a side project, I am going to come up with my top 200 songs, up to this moment.  I have been wanting to do this for a long time and seeing Mike do it with movies motivated me.  So if you have songs that you wish for me to look at and consider and suggest, please facebook me or send to my email,, or just have the guts, and call.  I know that this is trying but I am going to do it because I have the yearning to do it.  It might be a calling for me to do it. 

2) Each of you is awesome.  I have been praying constantly for a few years now that God would raise up a church to serve Him with their lives and we are learning to do it.  I know that each of you is aware but we are serving our community this week in a huge way.  On Saturday, 8 until 4, we are going to be helping Reedy Fork Elementary move in.  They need our help because they start school pretty soon and it will be a great thing for us to back up our faith with action.  Let’s join hands and serve.  This is a way that brings life to a community. 


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