elton john, “tiny dancer”

I am going to modify the day that I put out my song of the week.  It will now be Wednesday because on Tuesdays, I will be at seminary all day. 

Well this week, I have gone old school. 

Elton John, “Tiny Dancer.” 

This song was brought to my attention in a great, little movie called Almost Famous, starring some people.  It is the story of a teenager who gets hired by Rolling Stones magazine to write a piece on a certain popular band coming to the forefront of music.  It is a journey of this kid and this band.  With this other girl tearing his heart away with her addictions.  Men.  Drugs.  I found out today that the writer and director of the movie, Cameron Crowe, is actually who the main character is based on.  Amazing stuff when reality becomes cinematic. 

Anyways, there is this scene in the movie where each of the band members had been fighting with each other but they are all stuck on the same journey that is led by a bus and then this song comes on the radio.  One after another, they start to join Elton in the chorus.  Way to go, Cameron.  Good place to put this song. 

I don’t know if this song would be on here without the movie.  But who cares, it is.  We all need to pay tribute to one of the greatest performers of all time. 


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