iTunes doesn’t always get it right

iTunes doesn’t always get it right.  Here is why: 

Well today, just like many days, I went to iTunes to scope out the latest sounds that might bring joy to my heart.  The songs that make me come alive, if you will.  And seeing free stuff is a call to download, for me along with thousands of others. 

But today was different.  One of  today’s free songs was “Nod your head” by Paul McCartney.  I am speechless.  But not because it is good. 


Very terrible. 

I hate it when something good gets ruined.  Don’t get me wrong:  Paul McCartney is the man.  He was in the Beatles.  He was one of them.  That makes him the man in my book.  But this song has the capacity to take away all joy in little kid’s hearts.  It is a song that will lead us into famines if we keep downloading it.  Hence, the writing of this blog.

Don’t download this song.  Don’t.  Seriously.  Your life will never be the same.  And that is not a desirable goal for your life. 

This song is a prayer request for music everywhere to get better.  We are supposed to progress in the arts, not run backwards and cause all people everywhere to abandon their music players. 

If you don’t believe me, download it.  But don’t be shocked if you can’t hear from now on.  Don’t be surprised if your iPod stops working.  This is my warning. 


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