serving like Jesus

Tomorrow our church is going to be getting together as usual and “be the church.”  We are not having church, we are just coming together to experience how life is going for each of us.  The great thing that I am ecstatic about is that my roomie Mladen is sharing the message in the morning.  I am really excited and I honestly don’t what to expect other than that he is sharing on the topic of service. 

This has reminded me of some service that has taken place earlier this week.  More of a heart that is willing to serve in any capacity available.  I was very happy to hear that Jen Buckner asked Mike the other day if she could help out in any way possible.  What a girl.  Awesome stuff right there.  A heart that is willing and yearning to serve.  I know that Jen doesn’t want me to harp on her but oh well.  She deserves it because she pointed me to Jesus by her attitude to serve. 

Jen helped her pastor by babysitting Nolan so that Mike could get some work done during the day, which is not the norm.  She also helped me because she showed me the heart that we all need to have in order to glorify Jesus with our lives. 


3 reasons why I don’t usually go to public libraries

Well this is a good weekend for me, I believe.  Tonight we are having the Fantastic Four and a whole lot more September birthday extravaganza.  And I am stoked about that.  But also, tomorrow I am going to be teaching at the Ridge’s youth group.  Super excited about that.  I love any opportunity that God gives me to share what He is putting on my heart.  Pray for that for me.  Also, last night, I got to help lead worship at a multi-college campus prayer and worship event for Campus Crusade here in the Triad.  It was a lot of fun and it re-opened my heart for leading worship in the college setting.  They were so loud too, which is every worship leader’s dream.  We all want to see people singing and shouting out to God. 

Good stuff.  Well, for the first time, I think in my history, I am spending time at the public library here in Greensboro.  Public libraries have always sparked my interest but I never wanted to go to one because at these types of places, 1) you are expected to be quiet, and as most of you know that is not my strong suit.  2) you are expected to study.  3) they smell. 

But for now, I am learning how much I want to see people come to know Christ, and for that, I need to be around people and the best way for me to get work done and be around people at the same time is to study where the people are.  I can’t do that in my room so I might start coming to the library for those off the wall chances to converse with someone.  My point is to try to be open wherever I can.  I know that I have a lot of work to do and others do too but if someone asks a question, it may spark into something else.  Who knows? 

Well I pray that God is giving each of you a good journey towards his heart today.  Share your stories to anyone that can listen.  That is what God has called us to.  That is what it means to come alive.  Share your life with anyone who will listen. 

birthday recap (not really)

So, yesterday was awesome for me.  I love having so much support on my birthday.  It really means a lot.  I got so many phone calls yesterday that it was ridiculous.  Also, thanks to all those who hit my wall on facebook.  That means a lot.  Well, even though, I was busy most of the day, I got to hang out with some of the best people ever.  Also, I spent the evening in Asheboro and watched 2 good movies, I had previously not seen – Blades of Glory (ok, not great) and Dazed and Confused (I hear it is Kristan’s favorite movie and I see why – awesome – purely awesome). 

Well, I am off to hang with some of the Patio crew.  I am loving this community.  I think that everyone who is planting a church should love every minute of it.  Yes, frustrations come, but the opportunities to serve with people blows the negative out of the water.  Well, bye for now.  Thanks for the birthday wishes. 


I didn’t want to make the blog too big so I am breaking the top 500 into 50 each time.  But each week, there will be 100 songs.  So here is 450 to 401:

450 – shook me all night long – acdc
449 – anchor drops – umphrey’s mcgee
448 – caring is creepy – the shins
447 – wish you were here – pink floyd (I put the whole album because it was meant to stay together, at least for me)
446 – my generation – the who
445 – first day of my life – bright eyes
444 – lump – presidents of the united states of america
443 – our god reigns – delirious?
442 – bolera – maurice ravel
441 – flint (for the unemployed & underpaid) – sufjan stevens
440 – spirit – switchfoot
439 – while my guitar gently weeps – beatles
438 – say you, say me – lionel richie
437 – maria, maria – santana, the product G&B, & wyclef jean
436 – home – zero 7
435 – straight no chaser – thelonious monk
434 – i’m still standing – elton john
433 – karma chameleon – culture club
432 – fever – michael buble
431 – cry in my heart – starfield
430 – the saints are coming – u2 & green day
429 – light my fire – the doors
428 – happy together – the turtles
427 – (they long to be) close to you – the carpenters
426 – take the ‘a’ train – duke ellington & his orchestra
425 – love song for a savior – jars of clay
424 – symphony #3 – david maslanka
423 – jesse’s girl – rick springfield
422 – wanna be startin’ something – michael jackson
421 – somersault – zero 7
420 – fast car – tracy chapman
419 – you are god – charlie hall
418 – symphony #5 – ludwig van beethoven
417 – piece of glass – caedmon’s call
416 – classical gas – mason williams
415 – god of wonders – caedmon’s call & mac powell
414 – angel – sarah mclachlin
413 – you’ve got a friend in me – randy newman
412 – amazing grace – aretha franklin
411 – lullaby – matt costa and jack johnson
410 – nothing compares – third day
409 – the glory of your name – christy nockels
408 – oompa loompa – harry connick, jr.
407 – untitled hymn (come to jesus) – chris rice
406 – parker’s mood – charlie parker
405 – purple haze – jimi hendrix
404 – beautiful boy (darling boy) – john lennon
403 – did you feel the mountains tremble – delirious?
402 – do you remember – jack johnson
401 – another one bites the dust – queen

Well that is it for this week.  Next Wednesday, 400 to 301 will be put on here.  I am excited about this.  Let me know what you think.  I didn’t really leave with a cliffhanger but whatever. 

500 to 451

Well here we go: the top 500 starting this week with the hits 500 to 451I hope that you like it all. I hope that it reminds you of songs long lost in your thoughts.  I know this whole process has brought so many memories back to me. 

There are a ton of genres that are represented here so if you don’t like some, get over it and go on to the next one.  I encourage you to listen to all these songs when you can find a chance.  Napster lets you listen to songs without obligating you to buy them.  Use it. 

500 – build me up buttercup – the foundations
499 – enjoy yourself – jackson 5
498 – crazy – aerosmith
497 – that’ll be the day – buddy holly
496 – la valse – maurice ravel
495 – south street – da truth
494 – (rock) superstar – cypress hill
493 – the power of love – huey lewis & the news
492 – rainy day women #12 & 45 – bob dylan
491 – indescribable – chris tomlin
490 – symphony #5 – gustav mahler
489 – ninety and nine – andrew peterson
488 – the rite of spring – igor stravinsky
487 – all for you – sister hazel
486 – summer of 69 – bryan adams
485 – the sign – ace of base
484 – Say Yes! M!Ch!Gan! – sufjan stevens
483 – my guy – mary wells
482 – smooth – rob thomas & santana
481 – don’t worry, be happy – bobby mcferrin
480 – above all – michael w. smith
479 – brown eyed girl – van morrison
478 – i wanna be where you are – jackson 5
477 – my favorite things – stanley jordan
476 – taylor – jack johnson
475 – strong enough – sheryl crow
474 – man in the mirror – michael jackson
473 – singing the blues – bix beiderbecke & frankie trambaeur
472 – champagne supernova – oasis
471 – smells like teen spirit – nirvana
470 – beautiful the blood – steve fee
469 – edward scissorhands: main title/ice theme – danny elfman
468 – loser – beck
467 – sugar – system of a down
466 – the great beyond – rem
465 – moonlight serenade – glenn miller
464 – the girl is mine – paul mccartney & michael jackson   
463 – gone going – blackeyed peas and jack johnson
462 – ironic – alanis morrisette
461 – sum of beautiful – charlie hall
460 – crazy little thing called love – queen
459 – nocturne #2 in E flat major “thoughts at night” – frederic chopin
458 – mood indigo – duke ellington
457 – blame it on the boogie – jackson 5
456 – lucille – b.b. king
455 – i swear – all 4 one
454 – i was made to love her – stevie wonder
453 – forever – beach boys
452 – carnival of the animals – camille saint saens
451 – oh my god – jars of clay


Well seminary was hard stuff today.  Not because it was hard material but simply due to the fact that I was bored out of my mind.  I mean, I love seminary but this day was just downright sinful in that it was that boring.  I have never fallen asleep sitting up but today brought that about.  I hate it when teachers spend their time lecturing by simply reading the book.  I did the reading this week so I don’t want to listen to it all again.  Seriously, I don’t think I learned anything all day. 

Despite my rantings about the boredom of Tuesday, I am excited about tomorrow, well technically now it is tomorrow but whatever.  I love having a birthday.  It is such a great thing to have.  This birthday is particularly special because God has done so many things since the last one that I am barely able to comprehend everything.  It is astounding to me to see all that God has done in the past year.  This past year has been the best so far and I am excited about what the future holds for year 24.  This is going to be a serious new time in my life that is going to be on par with Jack Bauer.  Jack Bauer, 24, get it. 

Well it will only be a few hours for the top 500 to come out and I am ecstatic to display to each of you the music that has helped shape my life.  I know that it is a lot of songs but whatever.  The one thing that I have learned throughout this process is that I am a fallible human who changes his mind all the time.  It is so hard to pick out 500 songs let alone put them in order.  I know that the numbers are irrelevant and that they will change almost daily but at this moment, I am satisfied with it all.  

Bed time awaits.  A new day begins and new adventures are on the horizon.   

this day is good

So today has been an eventful one for me.  I got my teeth cleaned, always nervous when that happens.  I don’t know why but for some reason, I hate going to the dentist.  The week before an appointment I will be thinking about it constantly and hoping that I can back out of it for some reason.  But it was to no avail this time.  I went and it was ok. 

Also, I got tons of reading done for seminary.  I have so much to do with that and I am not even halfway done but I am getting the jist of it so I am not that concerned. 

 Well, today I picked up Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace book.  I am really excited about diving into what it means to live financially free.  His books are promoted so much that I thought it would be a good investment to check it out. 

Ok, there is a lot I need to get back to but I wanted to share with each of you how everything is going for me. 

Side note:  I have been watching Smallville on my breaks of reading and I think season 6 is the best so far.  Good stuff.  Check it out.