labor day

Labor.  Not today.  It is a holiday where you are not supposed to work.  Oddly paradoxical, it is called Labor Day

Here are the pros and cons of today. 

pro) Not much to do today.  I got all of my work done the other day.  Well, I am in ministry, so technically there is no end to work but you know what I mean. 

pro) This day marks the beginning of the football season.  Games are today but really it is just the anticipation that starts today and leads up to Thursday with the season opener for the NFL. 

con) This is the last day that the pool is open.  So sad.  No more beating Mike in pool basketball.  No more going to the pool and sweating once we get inside the aquatic adventure because God is bringing out the heat.  No more hanging out with the people who come by all the time and want to join the game.  No more water in my hair.  No more taking showers right after the chlorine settles in. 

Ok, so the con is outweighing the pros at the moment.  But oh well, all good things must come to an end.  False, we have a God who nevers lets us down and He never ends.  Awesome, we are still on the positive side of life. 

Hope each of you have a great Labor Day.  Remember, don’t do labor, it goes against the rules of Labor Day.  Consider it a Sabbath and enjoy the many wonders that God wants to show you today. 


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