made to stick

Well I am off for another day of seminary.  I don’t know why but I am loving it.  It is amazing to me.  I get to learn about my favorite thing and I get to do it while I am hanging out with some of my closest friends.  Awesome. 

I have been reading this good book over the past few days and I want to share something from it with you.

 The book is called “Made to Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath. 

I am just going to share the whole passage with you:

Nora Ephron is a screenwrite whose scripts for Silkwood, When Hally met Sally, and Sleepless in Seatle have all been nominated for Academy Awards.  Ephron started her career as a journalist for the New York Post and Esquire.  She became a journalist because of her high school journalism teacher. 

Ephron still remembers the first day of her journalism class.  Although the students had no journalism experience, they walked into their first class with a sense of what a journalist does.  A journalist gets the facts and reports them.  To get the facts, you track down the five Ws – who, what, where, when, and why. 

As students sat in front of their manual typewriters, Ephron’s teacher announced the first assignment.  They would write the lead of a newspaper story.  The teacher reeled off the facts:  “Kenneth L. Peters, the principal of Beverly Hills High School, announced today that the entire high school faculty will travel to Sacramento next Thursday for a colloquium in new teaching methods.  Among the speakers will be anthropologist Margaret Mead, college president Dr. Robert Maynard Hutchins, and California governor Edmund ‘Pat’ Brown.” 

The budding journalists sat at their typewriters and pecked away at the first lead of their careers.  According to Ephron, she and most of the other students produced leads that reordered the facts and condensed them into a single sentence: “Governor Pat Brown, Margaret Mead, and Robert Maynard Hutchins will address the Beverly Hills High School faculty Thursday in Sacramento …blah, blah, blah.” 

The teacher collected the leads and scanned them rapidly.  Then he laid them aside and paused for a moment. 

Finally, he said, “The lead to the story is ‘There will be no school next Thursday.'” 

“It was a breathtaking moment,” Ephron recalls. “In that instant, I realized that journalism was not just about regurgitating the facts but about figuring out the point.  It wasn’t enough to know the who, what, when, and where; you had understand what it meant.  And why it mattered.” 

This is a great  story in my opinion.  I put it in its entirety so you would not miss the point.  This is what I am learning Scripture is about.  James tells us that if we aren’t doers of the word, then we forget what it says.  We need to remember the point of Scripture, God loves us, in order to come alive. 

I hope each of you has a great day.  I will be in class all day learning about what I love. 

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