reading day

So my face has been wrapped up in books all day.  I am enjoying it but it is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. 

Well I just wanted to let each of you know that I am excited about church in the morning.  I am going to be doing the teaching and I am ecstatic about it.  I am starting to understand what Martin Luther means when he said that everytime he prepared to speak, he trembled because he was talking about the things of God.  I am fearful of not giving God the value and worth that He deserves but I am also excited to be able to share what God is showing me. 

Poker Night was awesome.  I didn’t win, in fact, I did the worst.  I had to buy back in but I kept pretty much what I started with after the first time out.  So I ended up only losing $5 dollars.  Dang, but oh well, I probably ate that in chips and Vault.  Man, that Vault stuff is, like they advertise, an energy drink.  It hits you quick.   Good stuff.  Fellowship was so great last night.  I really had a good time hanging out with each of you (Hal, Mladen, Mike, and Marvin).  Thanks for taking me like a child. 

Today is Jen Buckner’s birthday.  Give a shout out to her.  She is the first of the September births.  Exciting month to be born. 

Playlist between readings:
“Beg” – Shane and Shane (great new song of their new album, Pages)
“Vision of You” – Shane and Shane (“may the vision of You, be the death of me” – need I say more)
“You are God” – Charlie Hall (so simple and it remembers me of Passion this past year – great time, good fellowship)
“Bubbly” – Colbie Caillat (her album is number 1 on iTunes this week)
“Blame it on the Boogie” – Jacksons (come on, this is a song that shows Michael Jackson becoming the King of Pop)
“Tiny Dancer” – Elton John (I feel like I am on a bus just wanting to sing – this would be the song that I would sing)
“My rights versus yours” – the New Pornographers (I don’t care too much for this group’s name, but good nonetheless)
“How far we’ve come” – Matchbox 20 (finally a song that I like by Rob Thomas other than the one with Santana)
“Don’t Leave just yet” – Needtobreathe (wow)
“I am a man of constant sorrow” – the Soggy Bottom Boys (I don’t know why I am listening to this song, whatever)


One thought on “reading day

  1. I hope everything goes great tomorrow morning for you. Scratch that, I know it will! Colbie Caillat? She was the opening act for Lifehouse and she is really bad live.

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