Hillsong, Saviour King

Let me bring you into the journey of tonight. 

It was a night of worship for me.  Just me singing out to God.  More than any other time in recent memory.  I don’t know what came over me.  But wow. 

I started just playing guitar and singing out some familiar tunes along with new ones that my heart was creating.  I can’t express the words that went through my mind but I can only say that I got lost in God. 

I then went to iTunes and started just looking around for new music and found a hit.  To let you in on who I am, I love Hillsong.  So to see a new Hillsong album on iTunes, all I can do is stop what I am doing and download it. 

This is what I did tonight.  I downloaded the cd and just started learning all the songs.  I can’t explain it but Hillsong has a way of bringing me into a worshipful mood more than any other band.  I got lost again but this time it was good just using lyrics from a cd to change me.  I grew to worship my Saviour King.  Wow. 

Hillsong, Saviour King.  This is not the youth group, United, but it is good.  Best one in my opinion from the church, almost up to par with United. 


2 thoughts on “Hillsong, Saviour King

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I have started one of these blog things and that, as you have hopefully already realized are an uber music geek.


  2. Hillsong = time to Worship


    please add my mom to your prayer list. My dad too. A bad divorce, a nonChristian third wheel…


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