gathering & running shoes

The gathering this morning was so sweet.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Jeff brought a good message for us all.  He was talking about how God is jealous over us and how we should be proud of that because He is ultimately concerned with us finding happiness and joy in Him.  I really got a lot out of it and he sparked me to get into the Word a lot more today. 
2 Corinthians is what I want to read because of this morning. 

 Way to go Jeff!!

Well, we had a big crowd this morning and it was a good time of worship because each person seemed to push the others forward.  I have never been a part of a group where people sang out as much as we have so far.  Way to go, Patio!! You truly come alive through your worship.  Keep it up.  Show this world and this community what you are so excited about. 

So this week is full of many things for me.  Tonight, I am leading the discussion at the college bible study, Awaken.  I am thoroughly excited about it and I believe that there are a lot of good things in store.  I am also starting on a training plan for getting back into running.  I am ecstatic about getting back into it.  Every since my wreck this summer, my back hasn’t felt as good as it usually does so I haven’t run in a while but yesterday, I ran a good 2 miles.  Not much but good for me.  I am going to take things slowly.  I also had a good prayer walk last night.  About 2 hours worth of singing to God in my heart and just speaking to Him.  It reminded me of where the Bible says that “Abraham walked with the Lord.”  I want people to say of me that I am walking with the Lord. 

Side note: I am going to be getting some new running shoes which is like Christmas for me.  For some reason, in relation to shoes, I deprive myself for such a long time.  My current running shoes are about 3 years old.   

Well Patio, I love each of you and I want you to know that I pray for you as much as I can.  Thanks for being about God and wanting to start something with Him bigger than anything we have seen or imagined before.  Keep praying and we will see greater things than Jesus did, that was his promise to us (John 5:20; 14:12). 


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