the uncanny ability for God to astound us

Wow, things go quickly if you don’t slow down and catch your breath.  I have been on a huge disciplined kick lately.  I don’t know what is going on but God is showing me so many things and really making me live life fully for Him.  In the past month, I have set a budget for myself, which is simply uncanny.  Simply not me, but I am loving the chance to follow it.  I have everything budgeted out and I don’t go over what I have set down. 

I have also started getting more consistent back at the gym.   I even went last night after coming back from seminary, crazy.  I have been about 5 times in the past week, which is awesome. 

But even with all the discipline, God is showing me how much I can’t do.  How much I will never be able to do.  It is a humbling process learning how inadequate we are by ourselves, but how adequate we are in Christ. 

 So, two things have sparked excitement in my life.

1) I have started receiving responses from those who received the support letters.  I have gotten back from about 5 or 6 people and already, God has opened the doors for me to have 10% of my goal already met.  10%.  People, that is awesome.  Praise God for that. 

2) I am in the final stages of the top 500 songs.  This is crunch week for me, because I have to narrow down all the songs.  If you have songs that you think would be in my top 500, let me know today.  One week from day, the journey begins. 


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