News in the life of a Bunch:

Well lately, I have been trying to get on a more disciplined plan and use my time in the wisest way possible.  But this has only resulted in being so focused in getting everything done.  And as a result, I don’t get as much done.  Weird how that works but God is still moving in my life and still giving me some great opportunities with people.  I am excited about the Patio time tonight.  I am thoroughly enjoying our time together and just like Stephanie, I am very excited about the small groups starting up this weekend.

Saturday, 10 am at Mike’s house, in case you haven’t heard.  To be able to dive into God with others has been something that I want more and more of everyday. 

Well I promise to write a little more later but right now I have to get ready for tonight. 


1) give more praise to God for providing for me financially.  Pray about the continual process of support raising.  Fun, exciting and being dependent on God is what it is all about.

2) time with the Patio people tonight.  Pray that God opens up doors for each of us to share our lives more and more. 

3) the small group that starts this weekend (Saturday, 10 am, Mike’s house).

4) prayer for an outside group: the Ridge’s youth group is going on a retreat this weekend.  Pray that God would move in those kids’ lives and spark them to change the world that they inhabit.

5) 17.  Still the number that God has laid in front of us.  Pray that we can take more and more time to reach them.  This is our focus, to come alive through authentic relationships and it is our prayer as a church that we can reach as many people as possible with God’s word and let Him bring about a change in their lives. 

6) recently, God has put on my heart the launch date.  3-02-08.  Pray for volunteers, money, prayer.  Seriously pray for others to join in with us to pray that we can reach this community with everything that we have.  Pray about whether God is calling to join, as well.  We need a lot of people to do what God has called us to do.  Join in by any means possible.  God is doing some good things and He is blowing our mind every chance we get. 

7) pray for more.  More people, more time, more committments, more lives coming alive.  More God. 

To end, my friend Chris Garren wrote a song titled “More”, here are some of the lines that hit me right now:
More of your grace
More of your embrace
More, more, more

Less of my sin
Less of who I’ve been
Less, less, less

I will worship You
For all of my days
There is no way
I would rather live


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