this week has the possibility of being the best week ever

Today was awesome people.  Just when I think God can’t impress me, He goes and changes my life again.  I don’t know why but I really needed to hear what Mike was talking about.  He shared with each of us about identity and compared it to the man who found the pearl and sold all that he had to get that pearl.  He asked us each to think about what our identities were and God just has been hitting me all day with thoughts.  Then after that, Mladen and I went to Central Baptist Church which is sending Mladen and Christina out to be a part of the Patio.  Afterwards, Mladen and I had a great conversation over some food, which is the best way to do it. 

Great day so far.  I think that it can only get worse but then God goes and rocks my world by listening to a sermon by Louie Giglio.  Amazing. 

Well this week is a big one for me.  A lot of exciting things ahead.  I am praying for more relationships to be developed in my life out here in the Fork. 

Monday: Heroes starts back on NBC at 8 pm.   

Tuesday:  I have a paper due today.  But also, the new David Crowder album hits the stores.  I have waited a while for this.  Also, for those clueless to the outside world, Halo 3 comes out.  I will not take part in that but I will join in any parties getting it.  Let me know and I will whoop you in it.  But it is too much money for me to buy it. 

Wednesday:  Exciting for me because it is my birthday, and on my birthdays it is a time for me and God to chill.  I love it.  God has always seemed to do some big things on my birthday at least in the realm of my heart.  So I am looking forward to that.  But then also, the top 500 will begin.  Sorry if you don’t agree with everything I put on there, but I don’t really care.  This is my top 500, don’t judge me.  Do your own if you don’t like mine.  Seriously, I would love if everyone had their list so I could take and adjust mine accordingly.  Just kidding for those who think I am mad.  But really get your own. 

Thursday: two things, 1) I get to hang out with my dad.  2) the Office starts back on season 4.  Dang, I love this show.  How about each of you reading this, should stop and go watch Dwight and Jim battle.  Seriously, go now. 

 This week truly has the possibility of being the best week ever. 


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