Have you ever a time in your life where you don’t have time to examine yourself?  I mean truly examine yourself, as God commands you. 

Well, I am at this point in my life.  I mean, I am having the time of my life but I feel rushed like no other for some reason.  I just seem to be going around getting a lot done but not really living.  At least, that is how I have felt for the past couple weeks.  So I am going to commit myself to become more real and more lively.  More walks.  More slowness and less fast-paced. 

Other than that, who is excited about Halloween?  Hanging out with a great friend tonight and maybe we will watch a scary movie to celebrate, probably not though. 

One thing I rejoice about:
I love being able to get a call last minute to set up a time to hang out. 

Good Hallows to each of you.  Not the Deathly kind but the good kind. 


long day, really stinking burnout from the day

What an extremely busy day I have had? 

I went to Raleigh to fix some mistakes I had made.  That wasn’t much fun. 

I got my paper finished.  I did too much work on this one.  For the first time, I actually had to get rid of a lot of what I had written.  I wrote about 18 or so pages for a ten to 12 page paper.  Weird. 

Because I wasn’t really social today, I got really burn out.  Man, I am starting to realize how much I need people around me.  Today was ultimate burnout day for me.  I wish my Sabbath was tomorrow.  Oh well, only a couple more days away. 

But I just wanted to share about my whole coaching thing with Rick Raiford.  The dude is coaching me through a bunch of different ministerial stuff as well as whatever else, I need coaching at.  I am a big fan of questions and he asks some real good ones.  Thanks, Rick, for being willing to help the Patio with your gifts. 

How are each of you doing? I hope well. 

Since I am exhausted and I have a long day ahead of me, I am going to bed. 


Echoes of a time gone by.  Searching through the deep recesses of my being.  These are some things that my mind has been occupied by recently.  Ask me and I might tell you about it. 

Just as Jen wrote earlier, we need to be ready to share our whole lives with each other.  That means our thoughts, our frustrations, our choices, our actions, and most of all, our hearts.  We need to be willing to open up to others as much as possible.  This is the only chance we have of coming alive. 

I wish for each of you to share something with someone else today.  Call a friend, walk over to someone’s house.  Open up for others to see. 

Taking a step out, we are ready to move into a new place on 11/11.  Thank goodness because if everyone comes on Sunday mornings, we will be quite deep in each other’s arms (literally). 

Coming alive means always expanding.  Always looking for ways to come alive in a bigger and better way.  Searching for God more and more everyday.  Coming alive means always getting away from that which brings death.  And I have read a ton of church planting books that suggest that a huge way to hurt yourself is to outgrow your meeting place and still stay there.  Always look for things that others can bring more and more people to, that is what the books tell you.  They might be right. 

Patio, we are growing.  We really are.  We are growing in faith, we are growing in opportunities.  We are growing in commitments.  We have more people on the way and others who are still praying about joining this whole movement of life.  We are at a place where we could be satisfied and thus, stop moving forward, and hence, we will stop coming alive.  But there is so many things on the horizon.  Many different adventures left to begin.  And the best part, we haven’t even launched.  We have a core.  We have a group of people who are going to be the heart and lifeblood of this community, but let’s pray that God will reveal to us the rest of the body of this community that we need. 

Mike and I were talking on Sunday about how great the people are in this church.  How close we feel to each of you.  How sacrificial you all are.  I am limited in experience, as each of you knows, but I have never had so much fun in my life.  I feel like a little kid living out here.  In many ways, I am acting like one but thanks for making the Patio so much fun. 

things you should know

Well, I am learning how much I hate procrastination.  I have always been rather good at it but recently it is becoming a pet peeve of mine.  I don’t know where all that has come from but I believe that God is using it to help me understand some things about myself.  I am learning more and more everyday to “do all things for His glory” so procrastination is starting to convict me. 

All this said, I now have almost all of my paper done.  It took a while to get started because of a lot of other things going on as well as the above mentioned procrastination, but almost done.  At least, done for the day.  Tomorrow I have to go get some stuff for the research because I made a couple of mistakes on the research but it will be easily remedied with doing a little bit of research. 

How is everyone else doing? 

Today at the gathering, we had a good time, at least I did.  I thought that God used Mike in his message on 1 Corinthians 9. and everyone seemed to be enjoying the music (thanks given to the Crowder band, Shane & Shane, and Brooke Fraser & the Hillsong gang). 

 Just so you know
1) I heart Brooke Frasor very much.  No one sings like her in my opinion.  Awesomeness in that Aussie.  Check out the Hosanna video.   

2) I saw Across the Universe last night with some great people and I am in love with this movie.  I love Beatles tunes.  I love musicals.  I love good love stories.  Put them together and you have this movie.  If you don’t want to wait to hear the tunes by the album at iTunes. 

3) For those who haven’t seen, here is the best impersonation ever. Click here.

4) I love each of you very much and I am so glad that you are reading this blog.  Please pray for me because I feel that God is about to do some big stuff music-wise with me and I wish to stay focused on all that He has called me to do with the Patio. 

5) Just today, I got Stephen Colbert’s new book, I am America (and so can you). Amazing so far.  Not too much time has been spent in it yet but really good nonetheless. 

6) Shalom to each of you.  Night. 


For some reason, I am in the mood to watch scary movies.  I am not usually in a mood like this but today I truly am.  I don’t know why but whatever. 

 Maybe it is because I started my week by listening to “Thriller.”  Or maybe, Halloween has done it.  Maybe I am just weird.  Either way, I am wanting to partake of something scary.  A movie, a friend, a time of scariness.  Horror, who knew that I would want it? 

Well here are some thoughts before I leave for Asheboro for the night and tomorrow:
1) I am getting more and more into music and it is such a thrill ride right now.  Today, Bethany and I chilled and played some piano.  She is going to be working with me to get better so yeah, Bethany.  Then, I got to see my trumpet professor which hasn’t happened in a while.  Just seeing him made me realize how much I love the trumpet but also how burnt out I got by it.  But then I wanted to have some kind of sign (which I usually don’t really care for) that I should get back into trumpet, and I saw a past conductor whom I had worked with.  It made me want to get into trumpet again so I think that I am going to fix it up and play in a community band sometimes to just enjoy it. 

2) Here are some songs that I have been pondering over the past few days:
“Romeo and Juliet: Fantasy Overture” – Peter Illyich Tchaivosky
“Shine on” – Needtobreathe
“Dirty Diana” – Michael Jackson along with the rest of the “Bad” cd. 
The new Radiohead album. 

3) Reading for school, as well as for fun, has been good but I have a paper to do.  I hate those. 


Well grace is overwhelming in my life.  The grace to have moments with great friends, to have a break in the midst of so much, grace to continue, grace to see God in all things (really more and more things than ever before). 

I have been focused on this word recently in studying and I believe that I just don’t understand it.  I get what the Greek means.  I comprehend what the word means but I don’t believe it necessarily. 

I don’t really think that God has given me grace to live in Him.  It just doesn’t seem right, well at least this is what my actions appear to be for.  I seem to always wish to work for my salvation and I know that I don’t have to, but I end up doing it anyway. 

Grace is free.  How come I am always trying to pay for it?  Why can’t I just except it as the gift that it is? 

Can I even pay for it, if it did cost something?  And what cost is high enough to pay for all the grace that we are given? 

Just some thoughts that I am pondering.  Bedtime. 

too legit to quit

As Mike wrote earlier today, we can make as many copies as we want now. 

Getting a copier, as dumb as it might sound, makes me feel like we are legit.  Too legit to quit if you will.  Seriously, it does. 

I had a fun day today.  Some big things happened. 
1) I got a chance to hang out with Jeff Chauncey at Starbucks.  Jeff is awesome and so is Starbucks so this was doubly awesome.
2) Then I got to hang with Mladen for a few hours as we went to this copier.  After spilling toner all over the place because my truck is not big enough, we got it in the back and came back.  Thus, we are legit. 
3) Guitar lessons were weird today.  God is going to be closing some doors soon.  I feel it, so pray for me about finances.  I am kicking into high gear about raising support so I am gonna be getting dependent. 
4) Then as I was taking the truck back to Asheboro, I got dumb and didn’t fill the gas tank and I ran out of gas halfway down the road.  That is always the greatest feeling just so you know.  But I got to chill with an awesome state trooper as well as an amazing maintenance guy.  Got to hear a couple good stories.  God is so good. 
5) Leadership time is tonight.  After a short absence, we are back.  And man, do we have a ton to talk about?  More on that later. 

Just celebrate the fact that we can make as many copies as we want.  I hope that the copier doesn’t end up getting smashed because of system failure as in Office Space.