Three things before bedtime:

1) I am loving the show House.  I just started watching season 1 and I am loving it.  It is moving up rapidly on the best shows for me in the present time. 

Here is the top nine shows for me:
1 – Lost, 2 – the Office, 3 – Heroes, 4 – Smallville, 5 – Friends
6 – House, 7 – 24, 8 – That 70s show, 9 – the Wonder Years

2) I had a long day of seminary.  I am in burnout mode right but oh well.  It is always good to feel that a mid-term exam is easier than you thought it would be.  However, it is not so good when you write a paper and the teacher starts using your paper as a way of explaining how things should not be done.  Despite this critique, I got a B which is awesome. 

3) When I wake up, the world can experience songs 400 to 301 of the top 500 from Mr. Bunch.  This whole 5-week deal of releasing the songs that make me me is a splendid adventure. 


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