time and the disease that destroys it

I have noticed a recent trend in my life that I have seen in almost everyone else.  It is something that is creeping in everywhere.  I believe with utmost clarity, that this is something that is taking over the world.  I see it in the public restaurants.  In the coffee shop where I type, I see it almost every single face.  Every single glance from others, I see it.  There is not a place where I have been recently, where this epidemic is not taking over.  What is this epidemic, you must ask.  Well,  it is


Yeah, busyness is leading us away from our families, away from time, and essentially, away from God.  It is causing us to use lose sight of the vision that God has put on our hearts.  It is causing us to forget to serve our neighbors.  It is causing us to think about the next day, the next deadline, simply, the next _____. 

Busyness is creeping.  Have you noticed it?  I know that I have in my own life.  I don’t go a day where I am not focused on something.  Busyness sometimes means working hard.  Not always.  But sometimes it does.  Busyness sometimes means that we are caught up in the act of doing something bigger than ourselves.  Sometimes it is getting caught up in the little things.  But wherever you are, no matter what you are doing, you are more than likely to be caught up in the bubble known as busyness. 

So how do we get out?  Stop.  Slow down.  Focus on God.  This is what I have been training myself to do lately.  I have to be doing this at all times.  I have to be finding time for Him.  He alone can get me out of the bondage of busyness.  He alone can bring me to focus on the one thing, as Jesus told Martha to do as she was doing things for God.  She was doing things for God, while her sister was not busy but focused on Jesus.  Utterly devoted to Jesus.  That is all that we need to do. 

So ask yourself: Am I busy?  I will go ahead and tell you that you are.  But continue.  What am I busy doing?  How can I stop being busy?  What can I cut out so that I can focus on God.  What is there for me to do to stop doing things for God and start losing myself in God? 

These are questions that we must ask ourselves daily.  We must get up every morning and try to look at our day, and ask God what He wants for us to not do and what He wants for us to focus on.  I know that I am dedicating myself to this journey from here on out.  I can’t be stuck in busyness anymore.  I have to be stuck on Him. 


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