things in SC

Ok, so I had a great time visiting my mom and cousins and grandma in SC.  It was a good experience and I believe that God taught me a lot while I was down there. 

But this is all too much to write about at the moment but I wanted to share a few things with each of you. 

1) We are starting the all-community-wide survey that is going to promote the Patio at our BBQ on October 19.  Pray.  Pray but also Serve.

2) I have been listening to more music in the past couple months than ever before so if you know how much music affects me, you know that I have been giddy lately.  Tomorrow, I am going to release part 3 of 5 of the top 500.   Yes, one day early for all of you. 

3) Tracks that I was loving on my trip to the state below:
“Girl” – Jim Sturgess (from the newly released musical featuring Beatles’ hits “Across the Universe”) 
      there are not many songs that I will rewind over and over but this one sure is wearing out my iPod.  Amazing timbre.
“Beautiful Girls” – Sean Kingston 
     any song that has the bass part from “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King is awesome in my book. 
“Gold Digger” – Kayne West, Jamie Foxx featuring Ray Charles
I don’t really encourage the lyrics in the song but I think it gives a good glimpse into our society.  I know it is an older song but I am slow and it was on the radio and I started dancing in my car to the beat.  Great rhythms and great melodies.  This is a song that makes me want Christian music to be bumping on the radio just as much as “secular” music.  There is no reason that Christ-centered music couldn’t be this good. 
“Ripe” – Ben Lee
     acoustic songs make my heart sore.  This is what I want to be. 
“The Great Divide” – Hanson
     yep, that says “hanson.”  Great song.  It deserves to be mentioned again.
“Both Sides of the Cup” – Rob Bell
     I want to give credit to a pastor for once, because I listen to a lot of messages by some of the strongest spiritual leaders of the day.  This was a message that hit me this week.
“Kokomo” – Adam Green & Ben Kweller
I love this song, first by the Beach Boys, but I like this one more now.  I don’t know why I like it more really, because it is basically the same, but I like Kweller’s harmonies. 

Some say that music is going downhill but I believe there are a lot of good stuff on the horizon.  All you haters should back off and make something better instead of just complaining.  This is not just advice for music but for those Christians who sit around just complaining about the state of the church.  Be a part of the solution instead of a part of the problem. 

4) Last but not least, I watched a couple of movies this weekend that hit me really hard.  Man of the Year and Stranger than fiction.  I had already seen both of these movies but my brother hadn’t so I watched it with him.  They both hit me really hard. 
Man of the Year hit me because I think that a comedian, in this day and age, could be president and I wouldn’t have a problem with that.  But mostly, the movie made me think about the state of things and it sparked an excitement in me to want to do something.  Let’s all join and do something more. 
Stranger than fiction would have to be in in the top 10 or 20 movies for me.  I really like Will Ferrell’s character because like always, I think he is hilarious.  This is some good acting too.  I think the movie is a good parable for the gospel as well as a good parable for how we should live.  We should live by seeking moments to serve ourselves out to anyone in need.  Also, I probably like the movie because I heart Maggie Gyllenhaal.  Adorable. 

5) Heroes.  Tonight at 9 pm.  Come on, how can you not believe in God, if you have seen this show? 

6) I am not sure if I mentioned this but check out YouVersion.  It is an online way to read the bible while making notes for others and reading thought from others.  It is in the beginning stages but it could turn into a huge thing if we use it. 

Until we meet again, have a good night, and a pleasant tomorrow.


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