be excited

Many, many things have gotten me excited this week. 

Exciting things in our midst:
1) the flyers are being received with huge interest.  We could have 100 people at the cook-out, but even if we have 2, I am beginning to see God move.  He is, at least, making me come alive.  Let’s continue to pray with all that we have.

2) I have been more convicted about things I am and things I do this week more than ever before, except for the time of my salvation.  What a thrilling ride this is!! God is molding me more and more like Him by destroying the selfish parts of me.  I know this is true for so many more.  How is God moving you?  ask that question continually. 

3) small groups are starting to come together.  We had one tonight at the Reeves’ place.  This consisted of handing out flyers and praying for the Fork.  Saturday starts the second small group. 

4) monthly guy time is tomorrow.  Poker.  All in or folding, what will it be boys?  Are you going to man up or not? 

5) next Friday we have our cookout interest meeting.  This is the biggest thing that we have done so far.  Mike and I were talking tonight on his porch about how exciting these times are. 

6) the Patio website looks awesome and it just got better, in my opinion, because on the main page there is now an awesome song that hits me to the core.  It reminds me of Joshua having a stone named “Ebenezer.” 


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