God trumps technology every time

I hate technology. 

I know that it has been a great improvement upon our society but come on, it is not worth the headaches. 

The thing I wish for technology is what I tend to wish for God.  Mainly, that they both would simply do what I want so that I don’t get mad.  Plain enough, isn’t it.

Well this is what is wrong with me.  I am selfish because I tend to think everything is about me.  Forgive me, God.  Forgive me, technology. 

The difference between techology and God is that I don’t hate God.  I love God.  I struggle with that sometimes but genuinely I love God. 

I hate technology though.  At least, wireless internet that doesn’t work. 

Well I wish each of you a technology-free day or at least, a day where technology does what you will for it.  That it will simply submit to your every beck and call. 

God is not like that.  God does what is best for His glory and what is best for us to follow Him. 

All in all, I love God.  I hate technology right now though. 


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