how to do what you need to do

“Stress … can be driven by an overextension of our passions and the things we love.”  – Randy Frazee (Making Room for Life)

The above sentence hit me to the core.  I mean, it made me stop what I was doing and sit there and contemplate how much I was changed by it.  I am a passionate person by nature.  I get excited about a ton of different things.  Almost anything can excite me enough to do something about it. 

I can get offered to go to lunch by a complete stranger and I will be there without any reservations.  I will go play crochet if someone asks me.  I will do anything almost. 

At least, until I read this sentence. 

This sentence made me realize how much stress I have caused myself by doing so much.  I am into life but I have filled my time too much to experience it.  If you are like me, as I think you are, you struggle with having time for the things that matter to you the most.   

So, I got a brilliant idea, at least it is to me. 
I am good at making a to-do list, not so good at accomplishing it.  Like most of you. 
I am good at doing things, not matter how insignificant they are.  Like most of you.
I am not good at building relationships as much as I want, even though I know how beneficial it is.  Like most of you.
I am not good at setting boundaries for what I should and should not do.  Like most of you. 
So, I got a brilliant idea. 

I am now making myself a not-to-do list. 
That’s right, a not-to-do list. 

The things that I want to do but don’t benefit me are on this list.  The things that I hate to give up because I feel pressured by others to do are on this list.  The things that hold me back from coming alive are on this list. 

I have made a not-to-do list because if I don’t, I will spend a lot of my time doing those things and not doing the things I need to do. 

Try it.  See what comes of it.  I am on the path of coming alive and this is something that might sound obvious or dumb to some but for me, I have been blessed by it so far. 

a not-to-do list so we can do all we need to do. 


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