things going on

I hate missing church. 

I don’t know why but more and more excitement is stirring in my spirit about the Patio.  We had people sparked about the church this week with flyers.  We had tons of fun last night at Poker for all those who could make it. 

The second small group today was really good and it showed me a lot about how God wants us to be connected in our lives not just when we come together but whenever we can.  We discussed some really good topics and I just want to ask for continued prayer concerning this group.  Thanks so much for each of you who came. 

But I hate that I missed church last week.  I loved the opportunity to see my family but I missed the fellowship of Sunday mornings.  So I am excited about tomorrow.  I am teaching which is always good because as Mladen said a few weeks ago, we learn the most when we are preparing to teach so God has been directing to studying as if I am teaching and this has led to a ton of study time since then. 

Three other things:
1) the Office, as anyone who has talked to me recently knows, was awesome this week.
2) I read two good books this week that each of you should read if able –
Making Room for Life” and “the Dip
3) pray for me because I have two exams to take and 2 papers to start over the next week. 


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