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Well we are in the brink of something big.  Something yet unseen in our young church’s eyes.  Something that will lead us to rejoice in God.  Something that is actually tomorrow. 

We have a cookout and this meal could be the biggest thing that we have seen God do in our midst.  So far. 

God has much in store for the Patio but we are just on the brink of waking up to this journey.  Let’s pray. 

Let’s go crazy praying for God to bring all those whom He is calling to be a part of this church.  Let’s pray for excitement and passion to be conveyed in our midst. 

Guys, we could have up to 100 or 150 people join the Patio in the coming days but this will only happen if we keep God the center of this.  However, if He brings two people, let’s rejoice in that.  Let’s rejoice in all that He brings us on Friday night.   Let’s be happy because He is making headway for us to move in this community.  We have a lot of things coming our way the next couple months and we need each of you to join in praying for God to continue to bring all that we need.   


1) cookout for the community – it is really our first church function. 
2) equipment that we need for the launch – hopefully in donations, but just acquiring everything in time.
3) the lives of those in this community.
4) new people who might be joining over the next couple days – ask that God would bring the right people in His timing. 
5) for God to continue to give us opportunities to meet people in the community – this will be harder as it gets colder.  
6) for God to make us more intentional. 


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