Tons of awesome things are going on in the life of the Patio. 

First ton) – we had a cookout Friday and God brought out the right people that we have been praying for.  Great conversations were started and new journeys begun.  Praise God for those blessings.

Second ton) – we blew up this morning in the gathering.  We are at maximum capacity here at the Kekic’s house.  We were almost having to start people sitting on the stairs.  We almost set up in a classroom order (chairs in rows), but thank goodness we didn’t have to, that looks boring.  This morning reminded me of the early church in Acts, meeting in homes.  I love how we are reaching maximum capacity 5 months before launch.  We still have a lot to go and God is just beginning to blow our minds.  Remember that Jesus said to open up your eyes to see the wonders that He is going to do. 

Third ton) – we built tons of relationships the past couple of weeks with people previously unseen.  Awesome stuff going on there.  I know that for me, I am learning to live more intentional by going out and making conversation with the neighbors.  It is awesome to be in a place where I can make so many friends so quickly. 

Fourth ton) – God is opening up some hearts about the possibility of joining the Patio and it is really stirring my heart a whole lot because most of them are real good friends of mine.  Pray for them that they would discern God’s heart through the whole process. 

Fifth ton) – it was awesome having a second worship leader there at church this morning.  Thanks, Chris for helping.  It adds a whole lot to our church when you can come and join us. 

Sixth ton) – well this one is more about the stuff that is up and coming in the near future.  Can you believe we are only about 5 months from the launch? 3-2-08Keep this date at the forefront of your mind because this is where things are going to come together completely.  But even though that date is so far away, may we remember that we still have work in the process of reaching people for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Even though, we are never going to be completely about our Sunday gatherings, because we are so focused on the day-to-day living, we are going to do an excellent job with this so that people can become introduced into our community instead of being turned away by it. 


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